Imagine if you can…

“But it never happened”, she said. “So how can it be relevant”?!

I stopped to consider for a moment.

Not her stance, nor mine, but how to make her understand the ‘relevance’ as opposed to simply asserting it.

“Imagine if you can”, I began, “that someone kidnapped your son and you believe him to be dead”.

I’d taken the scenario to a dark and tangible place, tangible being the operative, and as of now missing element.

“You couldn’t find him, you couldn’t see him, and with every day that passed circumstance and catastrophic thinking asphyxiated hope and left you with your prominent assumption”.

A snap shot of my predominate cerebral process.

“Imagine then that the kidnapper was spotted on CCTV. The suspect was then named as he was known to the authorities. With this, his history of suspected child abduction and killing mooted”.

The knowledge of a long standing proclivity, underlining the basis, for the strength of later assumptions.

“Then imagine the kidnapper had a type, a fancy attached to said proclivity, young boys, fair-haired, rosy-cheeked. You look at the portrait of your son and his rosy cheeks and fair hair breaks your heart”.

“Where would your mind go from there”?

Cause, reason, and outcome.

“And then imagine you spoke to the kidnapper, and he laughed and denied he ever took a fancy to boys, assured you he’d never been turned on by prepubescent rosy cheeks, and never masturbated at the thought of running his fingers through the fair hair of a child and then with a cold earnestness told you your son was alive”.

“What would incline you to believe his closing statement considering the calculated lies told before”?

Do you see how destructive diluting truth with lies can be. The human attraction to morbidity and inclination toward the negative voids every word.

“Tell me then, would the truth comfort you, the fact that your son was alive, would it render all things irrelevant or would you still be suffering the mourning ache of loss in lieu of having uncovered the truth for yourself”?!

Now let me tell you. The mind makes everything real, and what it believe is real until it no longer believes it irrespective of whether it is true or not!


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